HMM VIP Shopper Membership

HMM VIP Shopper Membership

  • $25.00
    Unit price per 

Membership Length

Renews monthly until cancelled

$25.00 / RENEWAL

Renews annually until cancelled

$275.00 / RENEWAL

Here is your chance to become an HMM Boutique VIP Shopper!  

VIP Shoppers enjoy benefits such as:

  • 10% off all of their purchases from HMM Boutique (in-store and online)!
  • First dibs at New Arrivals and Markdowns!
  • Exclusive access to our members only VIP Shoppers group on Facebook!

VIP Shoppers commit to a 1 year, $25 per month, autopay membership, BUT the entire $25 per month membership fee is "kicked back" to you in the form of store credit each month. (and credits do not expire!) So, essentially that's like getting all of the above mentioned benefits for FREE!

You can also opt to pay for the entire year of membership upfront, and we will give you 1 month free! 

**Store credit will be added to your account monthly and you will receive an email notification when it has been credited to your account.