Pout Rituals Smoothing Lip Masks - 6 Pairs

Pout Rituals Smoothing Lip Masks - 6 Pairs

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Hydrate & nourish hydrogel lip masks formulated with snow mushroom & collagen-infused rosewater to help hydrate, soothe, and plump.

Targeted skin concerns: ● Fine lines ● Dullness ● Dryness ● Cracking or chapping Product Benefits: ● Helps minimize the look of fine lines ● Makes lips appear plumper ● Revives dry skin with good-for-you ingredients

LET'S DO THIS: * Apply to clean, dry lips. * Leave on for 15–20 mins. * Remove & discard after single use. * Massage in excess serum until it’s fully absorbed. . * Marvel at your luscious lips!

PRO tip: If lips are chapped or dry, use a lip scrub or damp washcloth to exfoliate them prior to applying the mask.