Rest + Reset Soothing Toner Pads - 60 Pads

Rest + Reset Soothing Toner Pads - 60 Pads

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Soothing toner pads to cool & gently reset your vibe.

Swipe the day away with our soothing toner pads infused with cooling aloe & calming heartleaf to gently cleanse & lift away leftover impurities.

Why We Love it: • Gently cleanses & lifts away leftover impurities • Aloe Vera: helps cool & soothe stressed complexions, minimizing the look of redness • Heartleaf: anti-inflammatory to help calm the look of redness.

LET'S DO THIS: • Swipe pad across clean, dry skin AM & PM. • Avoid the lips & eyes. • Discard after use.